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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) In Salt Lake City

Women will often come in wanting a solution to achieve more breast volume and an improvement of drooping or sagging breasts. Many times, these women have had children, and are suffering changes in their breasts that have occurred due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breasts can also change dramatically and “deflate” following massive weight loss. A breast lift is designed to eliminate sagging and drooping of the breasts to restore a natural-looking, youthful silhouette of the female body.

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Is a Breast Lift Right For You?

Many times, women who are struggling with sagging breasts are also struggling with a flat, or deflated look. In these situations, a breast lift alone may return the breasts to a younger, elevated position, but they may still appear flat or unshapely. This loss of volume and subsequent drooping of the breasts is known as post-partum involution. If this sounds like your situation, you may be a good candidate for augmentation mastopexy, or breast implants with a breast lift.

The best way to determine which breast enhancing surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation with us. During your breast enhancement consultation, we will explain the procedure in detail and all of your questions are answered. You will learn what reasonable expectations are based on your particular anatomy and desires.

How Does A Breast Lift Work?

The goal of a breast lift is to elevate a woman’s nipple and areola to the natural, youthful position just at the level of the breast fold.

A typical breast lift incision is made around the nipple and down toward the crease below the breast. Scarring will gradually fade and flatten over time until it is hardly noticeable and easily concealed beneath your bikini top or bra.

Recovering From A Breast Lift

After surgery, the breasts will have antibiotic ointment placed over the incisions and be wrapped with ace wrap bandages. Patients will typically be seen within 1-3 days post operatively and bandages will be removed and inspected.

Sutures are typically absorbable and will be inspected post operatively to insure that they are healing correctly but typically do not need to be removed. The nipple position and also blood supply is verified and examined at this time as well as the general breast shape and symmetry. Patients should expect to be swollen and have bruising of the breasts which can last upwards of 1-2 weeks but is variable. The shape, size and general position of the breasts will change over the span of 4-6 weeks but patients will be seen in the office during this time period.


Why Envi?

Envi Plastic Surgery is Utah’s first premium experience plastic surgery clinic. The experience of your transformation is just as important as the results you see after. We have two locations in Northern Utah, one in Salt Lake City and another in the beautiful ski resort mountain town of Park City. We even offer chauffeur services for our patients to visit our Park City location from surrounding Salt Lake & Provo areas. Our experienced staff and doctors are passionate about delivering optimal results to their patients by going above and beyond to assure our patients are comfortable, informed, and ready to see real results.

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